Garage / Transport Center

Case Study – Garage / Transport Center

The center received the LEED Gold Certification in accordance with the standards of sustainable development.

Enviroair provided a design that used quality energy efficient products:

  • Humidification : We provided one steam boiler that was factory assembled on a skid. This solution avoided the installation of multiple steam generators and allowed for more durable, higher quality equipment. Fulton is renowned in the industry for manufacturing long lasting boilers due to their ‘’tubeless’’ design.
  • Water heating: 15 Fulton Vantage boilers were provided with the Modsync controller that allowed for boilers sequencing. This assured reliability, quality and durability.
  • Water cooling: Multiple Taco pumps and a Marley AV cooling tower were provided to ensure easy and trouble-free maintenance.
  • Two Lakos centrifugal filters were provided. One for the cooling tower and one for the recuperation of rain water. The filtration minimises the deposits in the tower as well as in the entire system. The filters include an automatic blowdown valve which minimizes filter maintenance. This type of filters requires less purges than a sand filter.
  • Pre heated fresh air : Six Tempeff Dual Core energy recovery systems were installed. Thanks to these systems, up to 90% of the exhaust air energy is reused to heat fresh air from the exterior of the building. In addition, these systems do not require any preheating to avoid frost.

In conclusion, the equipment and solutions provided by Enviroair contributed to the success of this project in both quality and efficiency.