Mining Company

Case Study – Mining Company

An Industrial equipment packager out of Rouyn, QC. was contracted by their client through their engineer to design and build a modular mechanical room to augment their heat rejection capacity for one of their processes. Due to space limitations this needed to be provided through a pre-fabricated mechanical room delivered to site.

Enviroair aided both the client and the engineer in the design, engineering and implementation of a solution that took into account the rugged and dusty environment, as well as the tight space and time constraints involved in the project.

Involved in Enviroair’s scope of supply were:

  • An induced draft Marley NC model cooling tower
  • Two Mueller plate heat exchangers
  • Two base mounted Taco pumps
  • One full stream Lakos centrifugal filter
  • One basin sweeping Lakos centrifugal filter

Enviroair’s industrial calibre product offering and strong technical support helped make this project a success, everything was delivered on time and on budget. The mechanical room has been in operation since 2016.