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Evolv HTHW Series High Temperature Hot Water Boiler

Heavy gauge steel with rugged construction
5 pass bent tube boiler with standard efficiency of 81%
Burner (low Nox burner over 10 MMBTU/H) with modulating control up to 10:1 turndown ratio
Different Fuel type option : Natural Gas, Oil #2, Propane
Temperature differentials of up to 150°F across the boiler
Burner management (linkageless), display, PID control
Standard equipment: Pressure gauge, thermometer, LWCO, relief valve, aquastats.
Warranty of one (1) year from start-up or 18 months from shipping day
Warranty of twenty-five (25) years from shipping days due to thermal shock damage and high temperature differential operation
Optionnal Coil type set-up & low water volume set-up

Available In:

Atlantic Canada ☑

Eastern Ontario ☑

Greater Montreal ☑

Quebec City ☑