Sofame Launrec RBT (Industrial Laundries and Textile Dye Houses)

Complete heat reclaim system which recovers the energy contained in the waste water of industrial laundries and textile dye houses
LAUNREC RBT system is available for flow rates varying from 25 to 1000 USGPM
Advantages include energy savings since production of ”Free” hot water by recovering 75%, or more, of the energy contained in the process water
Minimum maintenance
System expansion possible
Automatic cleaning of heat exchanger plates requires no operator intervention
Recovered energy is used to preheat secondary water stream to within 8°F (4.5°C) of the waste water temperature
Components include a self-priming trash (waste water) pump and a vibrating screen separator
All wetted components and materials are entirely fabricated of stainless steel

Available In:

Atlantic Canada ☑

Eastern Ontario ☑

Greater Montreal ☑

Quebec City ☑