Case Study – University

Year of installation: 2015

Application: humidification and Preheating of a low temperature hydronic heating loop

System description:

Modifications to the system where made to decentralize the power generation in two state- of-the-art boiler rooms.

One of the new boiler rooms constructed includes two Fulton Vertical steam boilers of 150 BPH model VMP.  These boilers provide the steam for the humidification and heating of the grow house. In addition, 3 condensing boilers of 4 MMBtu/h are included in the project.

All steam boilers are equipped with high efficiency condensing stack heat exchangers to recover the wasted heat and generate hot water for the low temperature heating loop.  This system can bring the efficiency of the steam plant to 90% efficiency. The Enervex system also includes an internal bypass to the heat exchanger that lowers the installation requirement of the chimney stacks.

The second boiler room includes a 40 BHP vertical VMP steam boiler is also equipped with an Enervex heat exchanger that preheats the make-up water to the boiler using the stack waste energy.


  • 2 x ENERVEX – VHX 1600-22
    2 x Fulton VMP-150
  • ENERVEX – VHX 200-22S
    1 x Fulton VMP-40

Heat recovery capacity:

  1. 1, 154,000 Btu/
  2. 122,701 Btu/h